Spirit Cats goal is to share about the art and music community in Florida. We want to get to know each other. With that knowledge, we will bond. Please contact us if you think we can do something better for you at spiritcatislove@gmail.com.

Together Forever

Florida is growing and I am so proud to be a part of it. After reading “When Do It Yourself Becomes Do It Together: The All Ages Movement Project" I am so excited for continued growth and doing what is best for the community. Continue to invest in one another! 

Below is an excerpt from the write up by Amy Rebecca Klein, who is the founder of the national feminist artist and activist group Permanent Wave. Please take the time to read it. 

So, what if we made it easy for anyone to start a community music organization in their city or town? Furthermore, what if underground music organizations actually started working together to help each other—working even across city and state lines, and even when they’re serving really different communities? The results would be shocking—nothing less than the creation of a new, authentic, non-commercial, democratic counterculture with enough room for everyone’s voice.

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