Spirit Cats goal is to share about the art and music community in Florida. We want to get to know each other. With that knowledge, we will bond. Please contact us if you think we can do something better for you at spiritcatislove@gmail.com.

Cult Cosmos - Cult Cosmos (SC007)


SC007: Cult Cosmos - S/T

Spirit Cat Tapes is proud to bring you one of our favorite Florida musicians. Cult Cosmos is the mind of Joe Kalicki, a Tallahasse Native. Sometime ago we got to know about Joe through the internet. While living in Tallahassee together, we had not had the pleasure of meeting each other. That changed quickly once we heard his music. Joe was able to play a Spirit Cat show at MASS gallery and our friendship began.

This self-titled album is Joe’s first release as Cult Cosmos. Joe is able to display his love for multiple genre’s by showcasing a variety of jams spanning the underbelly of electronic music. 

We thank Joe for his patience with us and we appreciate the communities support!!! Be on the lookout for more releases from Florida happening real soon. Kisses!!!


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