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Greg Ferris, who is Godsnack, recently shared with us his new track, Fake Blood.

This is not our first encounter with Greg, so we decided to ask him a few questions about himself. Here is a glimpse into the mind of Godsnack.

Spirit Cat:What does playing live mean to you?

Greg Ferris: Shows are my church. Things need to bounce off people, and even better when you’re given some veil of formality such as a time slot. It’s like confronting the viewer’s expectations with something weird and almost blowing it, absorbing that astonishment, and replying to that feeling. I don’t even know how to put limits on what it could be, other than what you can come up with considering time or financial or equipment restraints. It’s amazing what you can get away with doing loudly with a half hypnotized group of people.

SP:What is the transition like leaving your room, or wherever you write, to taking it to a live setting?

GF: It takes a certain amount of confidence for me to bring anything into a band setting, but it’s easier to have everyone on stage backing you up and getting people hyped. Whereas I don’t need to communicate my intentions to anyone in a solo setting, and it’s a more hit or miss in a typical bar venue. When I’m controlling a sampler I need to be a bit more focused than when jumping around with a guitar because it’s still new to me. Depending on the region, people are looking for different things at a show. Seeing people dance is the best, and it’s great to have people come up and inspect everything that’s going on.

SP:Is there a place you enjoy playing? What does it mean for you to be a part of a musical community? How has it positively affected you?

GF: Anything Casey Jones is running in Little Rock, Arkansas. Venues come and go in Sarasota, but the Shamrock and our practice space have been breeding grounds for so many unique projects. I prefer non-traditional spaces without any head count goal or quota to sell drinks. Those are my favorite, especially since they’re typically all ages. I could play every night, but that can be exhausting on the wallets of my friends at home. It’s also great to play host for touring bands, then getting to visit their communities. It can take a lifetime to build up experience and transferring that by talking to someone is instantaneous. I love when people sing along at shows. I love it even more when I hear someone covering one of my songs. I was indoctrinated into a very supportive culture and keeping information open helps everyone get on level to really excel.

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