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De Nada


To the mother of all things greater than we, thank you. With an uncontrollable desire, we have been waiting to have acces to De Nada whenever we damn well please. As a group that is addicted to pop, these batch of songs find the perfect blend between catchy hooks and blistering noise. We have been long time fans of Lauren Morgen (USA-Holes) as a singer, guitarist and performer. We remember years ago when she was craving a drummer to play with her. Now her magnetism has attracted so much more.Her banter is by the far an experience. Couple that with the boys from Grounded and you are ready for beers, the porch and summer promiscuity’s. Enjoy.

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    my heart
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    Worked on this recording for a long time, so happy it’s finally out for everyone else to get stuck in their heads!
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    If you’re not in love with Lauren’s voice, then everything about your life is wrong. (That being said, she’s got some...
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