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Trails - Kalevéla (SC009)

Kalevéla, the debut EP from Orlando band Trails, arrives in a flurry of percussion, arpeggiations and double-time guitar loops. Trails’ live set is a showcase of speed and complexity as a pared-down guitar/drumset duo, but on their recordings, they stretch out with keyboards, bass and extra percussion. The result is a sense of space and expansiveness that doesn’t sacrifice any of the intense energy of their live performances. Songs like Marigold are able to dissolve into moments of otherworldly ambience before bounding back into a driving groove, and the title track ranges from tight guitar harmonies and latin rhythms to pure, thrashing chaos. The band’s willingness to experiment with different styles and textures ensures that that Kalevéla goes beyond just documenting their considerable musical talent— it is a well-rounded, constantly surprising, thoroughly fun record. 

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